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Double A Plan

This plan offers a broader vision, ideal to assess the potential of the child. You can start a week with level 1 and if the child asks for more action you then take it to the next level in the next opportunity. You have access to all the videos posted on our web, plus the 3 levels of the plan age 8-10. It introduces the child to a training system with some changes in series and repetitions according to the level and access to more than 200 videos of exercises. The training consist of 10 days that are repeated during the month, depending on the level of your child. I strongly recommend using the same plan for at least two months.

The objectives to be developed are:

Run Technique

And they are organized as follows:

Day 1 Coordination
Day 2 Speed
Day 3 Force
Day 4 Resistance
Day 5 Career Technique
Day 6 Coordination
Day 7 Speed
Day 8 Force
Day 9 Resistance
Day 10 Speed ​​(At the end of day 10, start again on day 1)

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