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Did you know that if you use coordination and jump ability exercises in children from 6 to 12 years old during the pre-practice warm-up, you can help your player improve his sports performance and not suffer in the 60 yards?
Would you like to have some recommendations of what exercises to use and how to use them?
On the other hand:
Do you feel that the practice time is not enough to improve everything the children need?
Do you think it would be good for parents to help in the physical preparation of their son and you to be able to dedicate yourself only to field work and baseball?
We have physical preparation training plans from 8 to 13 years old, at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. These plans, added to your technical field tactical work, can make your team a champion.

Enter our plans HERE

Additionally, with the purchase of a plan you have the option to download planning templates that can help you organize your practices.
How can you incorporate our plans into your field work?
You can organize the practice by group and by blocks of work: one group makes tactical technical and another group does physical training and then they swap. You can consider the coordination and speed work at the beginning of the practice in the warm-up, the stretch bands and strength, or career technique and resistance at the end of the practice.
You can guide parents on how to use the plans together with me: you dedicate only to baseball work and with parents I coordinate the physical preparation of each child in the team.
What will you see in the plans?
• Exercises that increase in series or repetitions
• Exercises that go from more repetitions to less
• New exercises that appear from one level to another
• Modification of the holds when working with stretch bands
• Increase of distances and work times


Visit a doctor to evaluate the health status of your child and give him the approval to start a training plan
Make a schedule with your child in which you establish the routine to comply with the plan
Focus on the quality of the exercise rather than the speed
If your child masters an exercise, increase its speed
In the beginning, the training time will be longer. Be patient, both you and the child are getting familiar with the exercises
I recommend you to practice for at least 3 months before you go up to the next level

Plan of 8-10 years
The 8-10 year plans offer your child the basic tools to adapt to more difficult excercises without risks of injuries in future training.
The workouts have progressions of exercises in three levels: Basic - Intermediate - Advanced

The overall objectives of the 3 levels are:
• Master the tip-toe walking
• Strengthen the unipodal support with changes in direction
• Increase muscle strength levels
• Improve the performance of movements, accelerations and breakings
• Introduce the more complex career technique exercises
• Create healthy training habits

Plan of 11-13 years

The plans of 11-13 years offer your child the consolidation of the work carried out for 8-10 years, the start of more complex exercises without abandoning the previous ones, it seeks to take advantage of the beginning of the maturation stage to achieve improvements in performance sporting with competitive character.
The workouts have progressions of exercises in three levels
Basic - Intermediate - Advanced
The overall objectives of the 3 levels are:
Consolidate the foot tread
Strengthen unipodal support with address changes
Increase muscle strength levels
Improve the quality of displacements, accelerations and braking
Introduce more complex career technique exercises
Create healthy training habits

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