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Hi there! I'm Rhay Kepler

Bachelor of Sports Science at the National Experimental University of Yaracuy.

Graduated with honors from Magna Cum Laude. 2006

Assistant of the trainer of the Indians of Cleveland in Yaracuy. Venezuela 2002-2003

Creator of the Technical Tasks for the Teaching of Baseball in Reduced Spaces. 2004

Professor in the area of Biomechanics I and II at the National Experimental University of Yaracuy 2006-2009

Trainer of the Cardenales de Lara team. Season 2009-2010

Trainer of the team Leones del Caracas seasons 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013

More than 30 activities related to workshops, courses, conferences, as a participant and speaker, nationally and internationally

Physical trainer of big leagues players of the Leones del Caracas like Gregorio Petit, Jesús Aguilar, Miguel Socolovivh, Franklin Morales,
Franklin Gutierrez "El Guti", Carlos Rivero, Guillermo Moscoso, Jesus Guzman, Victor Garate among others. 2013-2016

My reason for being and doing



For who is Camino a las Grandes Ligas useful?

• Parents who want to help train their children and do not know how to do it
• Coaches who want to plan and do not know how to do it
• Physical trainer who wants to do routines with objectives and does not know how to do it
• Players who train alone and do not know how to do it
• Players injured and do not know what to do to return to play at the same level

How do we get through without Camino a las Grandes Ligas?

So far, what coaches, parents, representatives and players have is the experience, the exchange of ideas and the references of what major league players do that is not necessarily what a child or teenager should do, even a newly signed player. professional. This form has guided the success of thousands of players who are in or out of professional baseball. However, there is no statistic of the number of injuries and injuries that this system has caused, which can be avoided, with a scientific plan oriented and adapted to the individual needs and possibilities of each player.


Why is Camino a las Grandes Ligas benefitial?

The health of your child or player is not only physical. When physically injured, you suffer mentally, emotionally, even socially; there are injuries that prevent going to the stadium. What is the point of going through such a situation with the possibility of investing in preventive and non-curative health? Avoid the physical, emotional, mental and social discomfort that could affect the child and his family group.
Camino a Las Grandes Ligas is the scientific basis, supported by a degree in Sports Science, studies in biomechanics applied to sports, courses, university teaching, plus baseball experience in its different categories. All and more available to you.

What does Camino a las Grandes Ligas do?

Road to the Major Leagues makes training plans, provides personalized advice, offers training in scientific concepts but in everyday vocabulary, we facilitate their learning, everything we do we adjust to your needs.
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