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Major Leagues Plan

This plan is ideal for you parents with more than one baseball player at home with different ages. It is also ideal if you are a coach and you want to help your team by providing guidance to parents on what they can do at home as extra training time. It conveniently offers you 12 months of access to the web. It is our most affordable monthly plan and it provides you with planning tools if you are coaching, access to all the videos and 6 training plans composed of 10 days each, the 3 levels for ages 8-10 and the 3 levels for ages 11-13.

The objectives to be developed are:

Run Technique

And they are organized as follows:

Day 1 Coordination
Day 2 Speed
Day 3 Force
Day 4 Resistance
Day 5 Career Technique
Day 6 Coordination
Day 7 Speed
Day 8 Force
Day 9 Resistance
Day 10 Speed ​​(At the end of day 10, start again on day 1)

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